India is the second most populated country in this world after China. It can be considered with the mixture of the rich technology and human resources which are enough capable to develop the toy and handicraft industry. Wth this there is no any lacuna of raw material because all kind of material like - wood, clay, leather is available in enough amount in the country.

The toy industry in India is not limited to the dolls, animals, birds, carts but they also are available in the shape of the gods and goddesses. Thus indian toys shows the spiritual and religious value of the people inhabited in country. Toys are still popular in Indian society because they also help in making learning easy and educating to children.

The Indian toy industry is always being cotton oriented and it is quite labour intensive. There is an unique quantity of wooden, cotton and board games in India. Delhi and Mumbai are the two ethnic production hubs for the toys industry.

The TAI ( toy association of India ) association is held liable for controlling of the toy industry in India. It deals in organizing the toy fairs and exhibitions at the affordable prices and communicate the industry problems with the central government.

Indian toy industry is facing the fierce competition from the chinese toy companies. The only reason is the price factor that Chinese products are far cheaper than the Indian toy industry. In the world export market  the India’s contribution is considered negligible. There is the need to manage a national level programme to increase the toy promotion in the whole country.

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